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this kind of very accurately captures one of my sexual encounters
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feel so moon

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Louis Cylkow (Polish, 1877-1934), La plage en Bretagne [The beach in Brittany]. Oil on canvas, 65 x 81 cm.
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Here’s a bunch of arms.
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The Bandit Zine's 1st Annual Feminist Film Fest: NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS!
We are seeking short film(s) from or featuring feminist-identified and/or female-identified filmmakers* until August 18th. 
Professionals, amateurs, students, and community members locally, nationally and internationally are welcome to submit. The film fest will be held at an independent theater in Grand Rapids, MI (home of ArtPrize) on September 21st, 2014. 
For more information about the event, how to submit or get involved, please visit:
Follow us for updates & news or visit us on Facebook:!
*Including anyone who is underrepresented in film, filmmaking, media, etc.
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Haay Hottie: Consent, Communication, and Boundary Setting in Party Spaces. A Workshop / Workbook Zine 
by Lee Naught (of Fuckin @ / NY Radical Sex Positivity Project) & Rachel (of Hoax Zine)
cover art by Elvis Wolf

This zine is based off a workshop that was presented at Idapalooza 2013. Boundaries are often context-based, and we felt that talking about consent can look different in spaces that are sweaty, rowdy, in which there is substance use, and / or in which “hooking up” is a social norm. This is a workshop / workbook zine that can be conducted either alone or with a group. It is specifically written for those who have already made the decision to enter a sexy, party space (a gay bar, a queer dance night, a house party, a play party, a festival such as Idapalooza) with the idea that participants will be witnesses to PDA, drinking, and probably more. However, the workshop / workbook can easily be tailored to other settings & we believe that many folks can benefit from these activities. Topics covered in this workshop / workbook zine include (but are not limited to): re-defining sex & sex positivity, reflecting upon what party settings feel safe & unsafe, boundary setting activities, communication (verbal & non-verbal, during & outside of sex), consent & communication as in pertains to bdsm & kink, boundaries pertaining to substance use, accountability, responding to issues of boundary crossing. 24 pgs/ b&w / text heavy
E-mail for questions about downloading (or if you are computer savvy & know how to design a web readable version of this!)
Anti-copyright, re-blog to spread the word!
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comitia108煩悩本に寄稿したものです。R-18と聞いていたので自分的に結構攻めて描いたのですが、気づかれず。。笑  アハ体験的な絵になってしまいました。